Daniel-Ryan Spaulding – Live in Eindhoven

Daniel-Ryan Spaulding returns to the Netherlands!

And a lot has changed since he was here in October.

He quit drinking, quit smoking, had weight loss surgery, and lost over 75kg / 165lbs...
but don't worry, he's still a Total Bitch... with a Heart of Gold!

He's bringing non-stop POWER GAY energy with new stories, new material, new experiences --
from one of Europe's favourite comedians!

You may know him from his hit video series "It's Berlin!" and "Popular in de Nederlands" --
now it's time to catch him live in action with his sassy, ironic, brutally hilarious one man stand-up comedy show -- that is always a sell-out!

From the dark rooms of Berlin to the circuit parties of Tel Aviv - there's no stopping this comedy powerhouse from his cheeky misadventures!
Daniel-Ryan Spaulding
Daniel-Ryan Spaulding
2 uur 12 minuten
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