Al Hayba (English Subtitled)

The murderer of Jabal’s father, is spotted alive in Bulgaria. Jabal heads a fierce hunt passing by Bulgaria and Istanbul.
With the aim to bring Nazem back to justice to Al Hayba village.

Al Hayba movie is the grand final of the 5-season Drama series produced for the first time in 2017. After its unprecedented success which was demonstrated by rapidly escalating viewership curves and social media viral extracts, the show’s first season was immediately acquired by Netflix for international streaming. Al Hayba has generated a social media sentiment that led to generation of new quotes and slogans among Arabic youth.
Samer El Berkawi
Taim Hasan, Mona Wassef, Said Serhan, Rafic Ali Ahmad, Mohammad Akil, Nazem Issa, Zeina Makki & more
2 uur 27 minuten
Lebanese / Syrian / Turkish / Bulgarian
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