Ukraine: “Culture for Hope” Charity festival


Cultural mini-festival and charity for Ukrainian cause.

This year has been tragically marked by the Russian war in Ukraine. We would like to get closer to our new Ukrainian locals, meet them through their culture and feel a little bit less helpless by raising the donation which will help Ukrainian children. This is why we're organizing Ukraine: Culture for Hope 💙💛

On 15th January we're inviting you to watch two films accompanied with two discussions: "Moustache Funk" on pop music in the soviet time, and "Atlantis" a dystopic image of war trauma, while in our foyer we will listen to Ukrainian music and enjoy each other's company! 🌻

Join us in LAB-1, your help makes peace! 💧☀️

This is a CHARITY EVENT, the donation will go to VOICES OF CHILDREN, a Ukrainian based organization providing psychological help to the children who witnessed war. Check their website:



14.00         “Moustache Funk” - a doc on Ukrainian funk
15.30         Q/A : "Pop music in the Soviet time" - a talk with Vitalii “Bard” Bardetskyi

in between in our foyer:

16.15          Time for coffee, cakes and Ukrainian music

17.30          Q/A: "Brave suffering - on heroism and trauma" - a talk with Anna Greszta
18.15         Atlantis” - a film screening

Moderation of the talks by Aldona Kopkiewicz


Programme description:

Moustache Funk

The early 70s is a golden epoch of our popular music. Hundreds of songs of exquisite beauty. Groundbreaking sound. Futuristic suits. How and whence could all of this emerge in a Soviet socialist republic?. How did a brand new music scene, original in sound and philosophy in every way, and at the same time absolutely in sync with global music trends come forth? They weren't that fond of the Soviet label «VIA». And since neither of us is fond of this acronym, let us rechristen this music. The film “Moustache Funk” is a documentary about one of the brightest periods of Ukrainian pop music.

Vitalii “Bard” Bardetskyi

Born in 1970, Buchach town, Ukraine. Vitalii is a retired music journalist (Post-Postup newspaper). Formerly: music director of Lux FM (first FM radio in Ukraine) and Enter Music TV, editor-in-chief (New Rock-n roll magazine), record label owner (Sale Records), PR guru (Океан Ельзи), night club co-owner (XLIB Club), concert promoter, artist manager, University teacher, dish doer and wallpapering expert.
Nowadays: disco DJ, scriptwriter, publicist, audiophile bar & record store co-owner (GRAM), author (Mustache Funk film), book writer (Us, Pobieda & Kuzma), amateur actor (SHTTL movie).
Music lover with over 35 years of background and passionate quarter-professional chef.

Anna Greszta

Anna Greszta is an anthropologist and a PhD researcher at the University of Amsterdam. Her current project concerns Russian war against Ukraine and its manifestations in popular and digital cultures, with special attention put on conspiracy and memory. Her previous work explored the issues of identity, nationalism, beauty ideals and visual ethnography, focusing on Poland and Ukraine. She is an activist and a member of Collect4Ukraine, a volunteer group helping those affected by the war in Ukraine.

Atlantis (director: Valentyn Vasyanovych)

A prize-winner at the Venice Film Festival and Ukraine's official selection for the 2021 Academy Awards, Atlantis is a gorgeous and visionary sci-fi drama. Eastern Ukraine, 2025. A desert unsuitable for human habitation. Water is a dear commodity brought by trucks. A Wall is being build-up on the border. Sergiy, a former soldier, is having trouble adapting to his new reality. He meets Katya while on the Black Tulip mission dedicated to exhuming the past. Together, they try to return to some sort of normal life in which they are also allowed to fall in love again.

More information to be announced.
6 uur 12 minuten
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