1. Entrance ticket: Every visitor must have a valid entrance ticket or ticket.
  2. Cancellation/Return: Tickets once purchased at the box office or via the website cannot be returned. If the performance is rescheduled or cancelled, you are of course entitled to a refund. If you are unable to attend, you can choose to move the tickets to another performance (if possible).
  3. Delivery: Events for which tickets are purchased generally take place within one month. The date and time of the event is printed on the tickets, please keep them well. A ticket gives up to that specific event on the specified date and time.
  4. Age rating: LAB-1 is legally required to follow the age rating for films. This means in any case the enforcement of the minimum age for a film with a rating for 16 years. We may ask for identification. Visitors older than 13 must be in possession of a valid ID.
  5. Behaviour: Aggressive or other unacceptable behavior may result in your being denied access to our company.
    The use of your mobile phone during a performance is not allowed.
  6. Staff directions: Every visitor must follow the directions of the staff.
  7. Consumptions: It is not allowed to bring your own food or drinks. This can be checked.
  8. Recording equipment: It is prohibited to take photos or film recordings during the performance. Recording equipment may be confiscated.
  9. Start Movie: Once the main program has started, you may be denied access.
  10. Complaints: If you have a complaint or comment, we request that you make this known to our employees or manager as soon as possible. If this is not reasonably possible, complaints can be submitted in writing and sent to K19 Art Surroundings BV Keizersgracht 19 5611 GC Eindhoven or sent by e-mail to info@lab-1.nl, but always within a reasonable period of time and no more than 8 days after the incident.
  11. K19 Art Surroundings BV is entitled to make photos, video recordings and sound recordings. For example, photos can be taken at events. Visitors do not object to publication of this.
  12. All publications of K-19 relating to the film program are subject to changes such as showtimes and room changes and no rights can be derived from this. LAB-1 cannot be held liable for consequential damage of a performance that is canceled for any reason.
  13. This policy is subject to change without notice.