Decision to Leave (English Subtitled)


The Closer You Look, The Harder You Fall

Hae-Joon, a seasoned detective, investigates the suspicious death of a man on a mountaintop. Soon, he begins to suspect Seo-rae, the deceased’s wife, while being unsettled by his attraction to her.


Decision to Leave by South Korean director Park Chan-Wook (Old boy, The Handmaiden is an exciting yet sensual detective story. With humor and melancholy, Park Chan-Wook creates a romantic, intriguing thriller.

The film has an ingenious plot and looks brilliant. "Gorgeously and grippingly made," according to The Guardian, who awarded the film 5 stars. Park Chan-Wook won the Best Director award at the Cannes Film Festival.


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Chan-Wook Park
Go Kyung-Pyo, Tang Wei, Park Hae-Il
Drama, Thriller
2 uur 30 minuten
Korean, Chinese
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