La Haine (4K, 1995, ENG Subtitles)

Vinz, Saïd and Hubert are furious when it turns out that their Algerian friend Abdel, an Arab boy from the Parisian suburbs, has been treated so harshly during a police interrogation that he ends up in hospital. Saïd and Hubert try to stop Vinz from taking revenge on the police. Violent nighttime riots are the result.

The French film classic La Haine will return to cinemas 25 years after its release. Vincent Cassel, Hubert Koundé and Saïd Taghmaoui play the leading roles in the still topical story by director Mathieu Kassovitz, which shows a day in the lives of three friends from the Parisian banlieus, where the police crack down on the constant threat of riots and vandalism.

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Matthieu Kassovitz
Vincent Cassel, Hunert Konde, Said Taghmaoui
1 uur 50 minuten
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