Queer LAB-1 Movie Night: Death Becomes Her (1992, 4K)

Welcome to Queer LAB-1 Movie Night, this time we will show the classic "Death Becomes Her" for you!

"30 years after fizzling out in theaters, this delightfully macabre comedy is a gay cult classic! "

Every month you can expect a surprising LGBTQ+ related new or classic film. Take a drink and chill with friends before and after the movie.


20:30 Walk-in & drinks
21.30 Start film
23.30 End of the film
23.30 Drinks, meet and chill


When a novelist loses her man to a movie star and former friend, she winds up in a psychiatric hospital. Years later, she returns home to confront the now-married couple, looking radiant. Her ex-husband's new wife wants to know her secret, and discovers that she has been taking a mysterious drug which grants eternal life to the person who drinks it. The actress follows suit, but discovers that immortality has a price.

English spoken, No subtitles


30 years after disappearing out in theaters, this delightfully macabre comedy is a gay cult classic!

The film savagely satirizes themes relevant to the gay male community in particular (e.g., obsession with youth and beauty) and does so with over-the-top glamour, a remarkably campy aesthetic, and blistering insults. And it is all delivered by two of the most beloved big screen actresses of all time.

Death Becomes Her is a film without heart and, at times, a film without much logic. But it is a wildly entertaining and often hilarious spectacle in which a host of truly talented individuals dared to lean 100% into a dark and bizarre premise.
The Queer Film night is Supported by Proud ASML and DayDayGay!
Robert Zemeckis
Meryl Streep, Madeline Ashton, Bruce Willis, Ernest Menville, Goldie Hawn, Helen Sharp, Isabella Rossellini
1 uur 56 minuten
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